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Please indicate the extent to which you agree/disagree with the following statements.  Select the corresponding radial using the scale below.  Any comments at the end would be appreciated.  Only by our comments will we know the areas where we are not servicing you fully.
- I strongly disagree with this statement.
- I disagree with this statement.
- I neither agree nor disagree with this statement.
- I agree with this statement.
- I strongly agree with this statement.
- Does not apply; not applicable to my department.
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Quotations are supplied in a timely manner and supply the information requested. *
Prices/Costs charged for products and services are comparable to other suppliers supplying similar product in the industry. *
Orders are processed in a timely manner with acknowledgements verifying the details of the order. *
The purchasing department was notified, and with sufficient lead time, of any problems in meeting scheduled delivery requirements. *
Concerns and complaints are addressed in a timely fashion. *
The products received conform to print and process requirements. *
Products are packaged to prevent damage and deterioration during transit and warehousing. *
The product received was produced and labeled to the specifications of the purchase order. *
Quantities shipped were in accordance with specified releases. *
Deliveries were within the allowable schedule dates. *
Products were delivered using the specified shipping means. *
Corrective actions are are written in the specified format. *
Corrective actions are completed within the required timeframe. *
Corrective actions address the root cause of the nonconformity. *
Implemented corrective actions eliminate nonconformities from re-occurring. *
I am confident the supplier is looking for ways to improve efficiencies and reduce costs. *
I believe the prices being charged are comparable to the products and services received. *
I am satisfied with the products I receive. *
I am satisfied with the services I receive. *
What improvements/changes would you like to see Chirch Global Manufacturing implement?